EO Toolkit

The Earth Observation Toolkit
Maintained by the National Observatory of Athens.
Powered by GRNET/GEANT.

About EO Toolkit

The Earth Observation Toolkit is a Linux image preloaded with tools and libraries for downloading and processing Copernicus Sentinel Earth observation data. The image is designed to operate in the cloud using the ~okeanos service, provided by GRNET.

All users with an academic account on the GRNET authentication federation can use the EO Toolkit image on ~okeanos. Global academic users can use the image through ~okeanos-global.


By using the EO Toolkit image, users can benefit from:
- A full working environment, which can be deployed in a few minutes, directly on the cloud
- Fast satellite data downloading through the GRNET and GEANT links
- Fast data processing in the cloud regardlessly of the user's personal computer resources
- Dynamically allocated resources in the VMs according to the needs

Getting started

To start using EO Toolkit, please login on ~okeanos or ~okeanos-global using your academic credentials, and follow the How to create a VM guide. Make sure to select "EO Toolkit" as your VM image, which can be found under the "Public" images section in the first step of creating a new machine.


The image is currently based on the Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS distribution and by default provides the following tools and libraries:

  • ESA SNAP (all toolkits)
  • QGIS
  • SAGA
  • GDAL utilities (gdal-bin)
  • Python 2 libraries:
    • python-gdal
    • python-numpy
    • python-scipy
    • python-shapely
    • snappy (ESA SNAP bindings)
    • python-shapely
    • python-qgis
    • python-saga

    Python 3 libraries:
    • python3-numpy
    • python3-scipy
    • python3-shapely
    • python3-gdal

    • qgis-provider-grass
    • QGIS processing BEAM and SNAP algorithm provider
    • HNSDMS website desktop shortcut
    • Open Access Hub desktop shortcut
    • dhusget.sh example downloading script


All feedback regarding the EO Toolkit image is welcome. Please find the contact information at the homepage.