Hellenic Mirror Site

HELLENIC Mirror Site

Hellenic Mirror Site is the official Copernicus data access point for Greece publicly serving satellite data from the Sentinels over the region of South & Southeastern Europe, Middle East & North Africa, in a timely manner. It is part of the Copernicus Collaborative Ground Segment.


The Earth Observation Toolkit is a Linux image preloaded with tools and libraries for downloading and processing Copernicus Sentinel Earth observation data. The image is designed to operate in the cloud using the ~okeanos service, provided by GRNET.

Sentinel Missions-Federated Access

Sentinel Missions-Federated Access

An Umbrella Data Hub which gathers the various Sentinel Hubs in a single data access point (the so called federated access Data Hub) providing to the wider user communities uniform access to Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2, Sentinel 3, and Sentinel 5p data.

Satellite Access-Polar Orbit

Satellite Access-Polar Orbit

The gateway to access the satellite data from eight different polar orbit satellites namely EOS/Terra, EOS/Aqua, SUOMI NPP, NOAA-20, FengYun-3B, NOAA-19, Metop-A, Metop-B acquired by the X/L Band satellite reception antenna operated by BEYOND/NOA.

Sentinels GreekHub

Sentinels GreekHub Coming soon

The Copernicus Data Hubs compose the layer of services that is responsible for disseminating the Copernicus Sentinel data taken directly from the Copernicus Ground Segment to the European mirror sites, the International organizations that have agreements with ESA, the Copernicus DIAS services and to any other services and organizations that has an agreement with ESA